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Vacation Hub International is NO friend of ours

Members Beware

The Holiday Club is well aware that our members are being approached by representatives of Vacation Hub International (VHI), who are offering our members the opportunity to sell the use rights of their Points to third parties, on their behalf. In return Members are being assured of generous rental income (from which VHI awards itself a large discount) that is to be generated from marketing Point booked weeks to UK tourists. This is complete fantasy as we believe that VHI does not have the ability nor means at its disposal to conduct any international marketing campaigns. Furthermore, their promise of guaranteed discounted holidays at a host of international destinations is seriously questionable.

Vacation Hub International are unscrupulous and have NO association with The Holiday Club and NO mandate to either rent out or purchase our Points. Furthermore, in compliance with your Agreement with the Club, Members are not permitted to book accommodation using their Points and then subsequently rent out that booking to a third party.

Please see below, just one of many social media complaints we have received from our Holiday Club Members who have been taken advantage of by VHI. Don't become another statistic. Please call our Member Services Department to verify any sales agent or marketing company before you sign anything. We are here to protect you from unscrupulous individuals that will provide you with a lifetime of disappointment! You have been warned.

Keeping your holiday interests at heart.

Kind regards,
The Holiday Club


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