Our Community is important
Every year the Beekman Group strives to help the community wherever there
is a need, We care about our community and hope that by giving what we can
we will make a difference.

There are several local projects that are close to our hearts that we continue to nurture and support. It is incredibly rewarding for us to be involved in these projects and are very humbled by the response and feedback that we get from the community. 

A Ziphakamise Project
The newly renovated creche at Mansfield Mission where children can now
receive a well rounded education.

Our annual Christmas Party at Wild Waves Water Park
After 3 years of running this fun-filled event for some of the local childrens
homes, we are starting to build relationships with these special kids. What a
reward to see how much they grow physically and mentally year after year.

Reach for a dream 
This year the Beekman Group participated in the REACH FOR A DREAM Family
Focus program. Luca (right) suffers from epilepsy and type 1 Diabetes. She has
literally been in and out of hospital for months.
Her mother Maxine (left) is a single mum and the whole process has put so much pressure on her that the REACH FOR A DREAM team felt they really deserve a
break away from it all.

What better place to break away to than THE ALOES on the South Coast of KZN !
The quiet tranquility was just what they needed to get away from their busy city life,
let alone the medical challenges they have to face every day.

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