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Our Industry

Throughout the years, The Beekman Group and The Holiday Club have proudly garnered many awards and recognition not only in the industry but also for our social, community and other initiatives. As a result of many years of determination in fulfilling their vision The Holiday Club have become leaders in the holiday and leisure industry and winners of numerous awards.

The Holiday Club Awards Holidays

Accolades and Awards

Recognition of Excellence

  • Top KZN Business Award
    • The Beekman Group walked away with the award for best business in Kwazulu-Natal under the Tourism category, at the 10th annual KZN Top Business Awards 2016.
  • PMR.Africa Awards for 6 consecutive years
    • Most Innovative Companies/Institutions
    • Companies/Institutions Conducting Its Business In The Most Ethical Way
    • Companies/Institutions Held In High Esteem As Good Corporate Citizens Based On Their Corporate Responsibility Initiatives And Investments Over The Past 12 months
    • Companies/Institutions Demonstrating Exceptional Managerial And Corporate Governance
    • Companies/Institutions Doing Most To Develop And Enhance Infrastructure
  • Developer of the Year on 6 separate occasions
  • 10 Gold Crown Resorts awarded to the Group's resorts for 2014
  • 12 Silver Crown Resorts awarded to the Group's resorts for 2014
  • RADA Awards include:
    • 2 Operational Managers of the Year during 2014
    • Information Technology Winner 2014
    • Manager of the Year 2015 and 2016
    • Sales Person of the Year 2013, 2014 and 2016
    • Employee of the Year 2013, 2014 and 2016
    • Technological Initiatives Award 2013
  • VOASA Awards include:
    • Industry Performer of the Year Award 2009
    • Outstanding Newcomer of The Year Award 2010 & 2011
    • Service Excellence Award 2011
    • Lifetime Achievement Award 2011
    • Environmental Innovation Award - Placid Waters 2011
  • Green Award - 2 awards in 2 years
  • Head Office: Platinum Certification from The Green Path for Group's green ambition 2012

  • Click here to read more about Our Accolades.

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Vacation Ownership Association of SA

We subscribe to the regulations of the Vacation Ownership Association
of South Africa (VOASA) the regulatory body for the leisure industry
which promotes fairness and customer protection. For more
information visit

The Holiday Club Responsible business practises Holidays

National Consumer Commission

Responsible business practises

We abide by the dictates of the National Consumer Commission

which promotes consistent legislations and enforcement of laws

of responsible business practices and providing customer

information. For more information visit


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