1. You can make a reservation either by contacting the Central Reservations office or online. To protect your membership security, we will require you to provide a password or personal details so as to verify and confirm your Membership.

  2. A confirmed reservation may only be used by you personally. Should you wish for a family member or friend to use the reservation, then you must update the guest details accordingly.

  3. The reservation confirmation letter must be presented at the resort when checking in, and only the person named on the confirmation letter (and their immediate party) will be entitled to take occupation.

  4. You may not misuse, sell, or in any other way seek commercial benefit from your reservation.

  5. You are solely responsible for all acts and omissions by those taking occupation with you, as well as any guests to whom you have issued a reservation confirmation letter.

  6. All reservations, whether local or international, confirm the right for you to use and to occupy the accommodation booked for the period and do not include any costs relating to travel and any food, transport, entertainment or the like.

  7. Although we take great care to verify and update resort information, we have to rely on details provided by the participating resort. Information that we publish is to the best of our knowledge and our belief correct and current. Services and amenities may be changed or also withdrawn at the sole discretion of resort management and consequently we cannot be held responsible should the information about a resort be incorrect at any time.

  8. You and your guests, are subject to all the rules of your chosen resort, including but not limited to rules relating to maximum occupancy, abusive behaviour, additional fees, late arrival and early departure times(you must notify the participating resort yourself), and pets. Should you be refused occupation because of any breach of these rules, then you will have no claim against us for any cost you have incurred because of it. It is very important that you read the reservation confirmation letter and confirm the rules with the resort.

  9. In the event of the unit that appears on your confirmation letter not being available at the time of you checking in due to overbooking, then we reserve the sole right to cancel the reservation and offer you an alternative accommodation choice. If no equivalent alternative accommodation options are available, then we may either hold over your paid reservation costs as a credit on a future reservation, or we may refund you in full.

  10. In the event of the unit that appears on your confirmation letter not being available at the time of you checking in for any reason whatsoever for which we are not responsible, the resort will provide you with an equivalent alternative unit and you will have no claim against us. We recommend that you confirm your reservation with the resort prior to you travelling.

  11. We do not directly develop, manage or own any of the participating resorts and consequently cannot be held responsible for the condition of or the services provided at any of the participating resorts. In particular, should you refuse to take up or cut short an occupation because of the condition of or services at any of the participating resorts, we will not be held responsible for any loss you may suffer as a result thereof. Any complaints about the condition or services at any participating resort should be reported directly to the management of the participating resort. Should you not get satisfactory attention from the resort, please contact our Member Services department as soon as possible. Your comments will assist us in monitoring the participating resorts for the benefit of all members.

  12. We accept no liability whatsoever for any injury, death, loss, damage or expense suffered by you, your guests or anyone else taking occupation with you, arising from any act of God, theft, strike, fire or the acts or omissions on any other person.

  13. Any change to a confirmed reservation other than a guest name change will be deemed to be a cancelled reservation, and the applicable cancellation rules will apply.

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