Follow these friendly reminders to ensure that your holiday is hassle-free.

No overcrowding
Be sure to check your Confirmation Letter for the maximum number of guests that may occupy your booked unit. We have also added a recommended guest amount as a guideline of what would be comfortable for the unit. Resorts do not allow overcrowding as this impacts the comfort and safety of other guests. Please note that guests need pre-authorisation to allow day visitors onto the resorts. In all cases, the unit maximum occupancy may not be exceeded.

No pets
It is unhygienic to have animals in the units and all resorts therefore prohibit you bringing pets on holiday. Whilst this obviously includes your Dalmatian, regrettably, it also includes your parakeet and goldfish! In the event that you have traveled with an animal, you will be responsible to check in your pet at the nearest kennel before you will be permitted access to the accommodation.
No smoking
As all resorts are public areas guests need to comply with the legislated smoking laws. This means that smoking on the resorts will only be permitted in designated areas and will exclude all units, balconies, entrances, passageways, restaurants and shops. Please be considerate to those Members who will occupy the unit after you by refraining from smoking inside the units and understand that resort management is obliged to follow the law.
Check-in times
Your Confirmation Letter will indicate the time from when your unit will be available on check-in day, as well as the time you will need to vacate your unit on day of check-out. These times are set to enable the resort to adequately prepare the unit for your arrival and then again for that of the next guest. Please adhere to these times and note that none of the resorts permit early check-in or late departure.
Unit services
Please make sure to read the confirmation letter concerning cleaning services offered at your resorts as certain resorts only offer servicing on check-in and check-out days. Where units are serviced these will be done prior to 1pm on the days indicated. Please note that units will not be serviced on Sundays and public holidays.

Regardless of the cleaning services offered, please remember that your unit is used on a share basis, meaning that you need to leave it in an acceptable condition for the next owner or user. Resorts will charge for damages and will add a penalty charge for cleaning an excessively dirty unit.
Parking is usually a concern for most guests so be sure to check out the Resort Directory to see if there are parking facilities available at your chosen resort and, if so, what type of parking is provided. Please note that in most instances there is only provision for 1 vehicle. However, you may call the resort directly to confirm the facilities for your specific unit.
To do List
  • Reconfirm your reservation prior to arrival and check any last minute details with the resort
  • Remember to print your confirmation and take it with you
  • If you have any special needs, please notify the resort prior to arrival
  • Give reservations your guest's contact details if you are not going to use the unit yourself
  • Don't get lost - there are both GPS and driving directions on your confirmation
  • Note the check-in times - if arriving late, let the resort know so that they can make arrangements
  • Check the weather for the area to ensure you pack sensibly
  • Read up on things to do in the area so that you can plan your daily excursions

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