Numerous Members have fallen victim to unscrupulous individuals trying to buy or take control of, their valuable Holiday Club Points. We again urge Members to ONLY make use of accredited agents of The Holiday Club who are trained and certified to understand our product completely. You are welcome to call our Member Services department on 0861 THC THC (0861 842 842) to verify any agent or agency of The Holiday Club.

Please exercise extreme caution when approached by companies or individuals claiming to be part of a class action against timeshare clubs and exchange companies. Members are asked to attend a meeting with the promise that the class action is on a "no win, no fee" basis. However, they are then asked to either join a travel club, or transfer membership to a "potential third party buyer" with an offer to act against the timeshare company.

We are aware of a particular class action scheme requiring a cash "contribution" to collective costs. Currently no statutory source exists in South Africa which provides for "class actions" and this is just a clever scheme to take cash from unsuspecting Members / Owners. We have a list of companies and travel companies that should be avoided or have been reported to us by Holiday Club Members as bad business practice. Please call our Member Services department should you require more information.

Selling Your Points
Should you wish to sell your Points, please notify us in writing of your intention or call us to refer you to a reputable resale company who will assist in selling your points in the most professional way. Never give up your right to use your Points for any purpose while selling and please remember that you may not rent out, or assign occupancy rights, to any other person for financial reward, without written consent from the Trustees. This rule is in the best interest of the Members and a transgression will thus be deemed as a breach of agreement and may result in legal action.
Buying Resale Points
Several Members are extremely disappointed when purchasing Resale Points from unauthorised companies, when they discover that there are a number of disadvantages in following this route. Some of the common ones are listed below:
  • Membership Tier & Benefits
    Whether you purchase Holiday Club resale points or points from any other leisure club or travel company, these points cannot be combined with your original Holiday Club "purchased points". Please beware of offers that claim that this is possible. Your membership tier and the associated benefits will remain unchanged - irrespective of the number of Resale Points you purchase.

  • Outstanding Fees
    There is no guarantee that your Resale Points won't have outstanding fees attached to them.
Purchase of Additional Points
If you are interested in purchasing additional Points, please SMS THC, your name and contact details to 34594 and we will contact you. Alternatively, call our Member Services department on 0861 THC THC (0861 842 842) and they will gladly refer you to an accredited agent for assistance.
Remember VOASA
Furthermore, we remind you to ONLY deal with VOASA (Vacation Ownership Association of Southern Africa) registered companies. VOASA is an industry body established in 1990 to represent the interests of the South African vacation ownership industry, both Members and the public alike. In order to be registered with VOASA companies have to comply with the relevant law and regulations applicable to the timeshare business. All member companies of VOASA agree to adhere to the VOASA Code of Conduct. If in doubt, ask to see a company's VOASA membership certificate or check the members' directory on the VOASA website Should you have any questions about your membership, please feel free to call our Member Services department rather than being led astray!

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