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Easter Feature: Planning an Easter Egg Hunt


A treasure hunt is one of the most fun activities you can do with kids and if you throw in some chocolate eggs it promises to be a crowd pleaser. This will require a little bit of planning on your side to make sure it's successful, so read up on our handy hints and tips for planning a THC-approved Easter Egg Hunt!

Decide on the date and venue
Pick a date that suits you and decide on the area where you'll be hiding the Easter Eggs. Good Friday falls on 3 April this year and is a great way to kick off the long weekend. Most of our resorts have beautiful grounds and you can get really creative with your hiding spots.

Stock up on the goodies
Make sure you have enough Easter Eggs to fill all the tummies (especially for sneaky grown-ups that might want to get their hands on the treasure before it gets hidden :-) You can also buy some regular eggs, hard boil them and have the kids paint them a day or two before the hunt. This will help them get excited for the Easter Adventure that awaits them.

Who says it's all about the bunny?
Max Relax loves chocolate eggs and will be too happy to help your kids follow the clues to the hidden eggs. Click here to download a selection of images of Max which you can use to write clues for the kids about where to find the eggs.

Plan your treasure hideaway
In this step you can work on the clues and the hide-away spots. Consider keeping a list of hideouts just in case you forget where you put them :-) Clues can be distributed by you during certain legs of the hunt or you can even put the clues in clue boxes (think Amazing Race) in open spots where the kids can easily find them.

It is also a good idea to give the kids a list of what to find and reward the one who does it the fastest. This way no kid gets left out and they all get the same amount of treasure.

Also keep an eye out on the weather forecast - nobody likes a muddy Easter egg!

Ready, set, go!
Hand each kid a basket, small bucket or paper bag to keep put their treasure in. This can be put to good use to prevent them from eating all their treasure before they return to base camp.

Post-hunt party
Keep them entertained with a "bunny hop" race (sack race) and "pin the tail on the bunny".

Have fun and share your Easter Egg hunt adventures with us on Facebook.

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